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„Heavier than air flying machines are impossible”


That’s what Lord Kelvin, president of the Royal Society, said in 1895.  Not quite the Nostradamus kind of guy if you ask me… Read more in my brand new „Nerd Corner” or here about people that new for sure what the future looks like, and how those people were proven wrong. Because imposisble things do happen, don’t they? 😉


Happy Valentine

I must say I’m against this celebration. Because it’s something imported, like beer, cars, computers. It’s got nothing to do with Romanian culture, but has anything to do with our obsession of copying whatever we see it’s going out in other countries.

I got up late today. I’m still feeling tired, altough I got a good night sleep. Read my book, then prepared to go with my girlfriend to the movies. Oh YEAH! That was the „best” idea this week. All movies were booked, with only the first two rows free. We didn’t buy a ticket, of course. Instead we spent the rest of the day doing some shopping and trying to stay alive in the jungle that the shopping mall is. (I’ll write about this for sure soon)

That’s it for now. I’m tired, but I don’t want to go to sleep so soon 🙂

good night ppl

Future topics of debate

As a preview, here’s a list of things that I want to talk about, in a more or less logical list:

communists, office colleagues, Internet, pigs, aliens, alcohol, stupidity, driving in a foreign country, Coca Cola, terrorists.

Personalize my page

I’m currently trying to understand all the options and functions of the dashbord and slowly personalizing the page. Given my web design skills and expertise (close to ZERO) I’m guessing this will take a while..

The beginning

Why should you read this?

And even better, why should I start blogging in the first place?

For fame? For money? Yeah, right… I have more chances of joining the Romanian Air Force and NOT crashing with our world famous soviet era plane: The Mig 21 – aka. Trench Digger & Field Plow than having more then 5 people actually reading this..

In order to satisfy my need of sharing with others my ideas, my desires, my problems? There are thousands of others out there in the blogosphere, doing the same thing.

What should I write about? Should I post some funny jokes or clips from YouTube? Should I pretend to be some undiscovered philosophical genius of mankind and speak about God, DNA, Monkeys, Death and Cucumbers? Should I just read what others are saying and get it all together here?

I know.. By the time I finish this first post it’s clear now. I should just be ME. And that’s what anyone should do, and some are doing. Be yourself. Be as you feel in that day. Maybe that’s the great thing about blogs: if even one person likes you the way you are, or better, you manage to influence that person in a positive way, then you’ve done your mission.

Only 6 457 893 588 people left out there.

So let’s start blogging, shall we? 🙂

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